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Supplies for birds are abundant at We can outfit you with everything you need for a happy and well cared for pet bird. Getting pet bird supply options together isn't all you need to do to prepare to give your pet bird a happy and healthy home. This article explores some basic tips to have a happy and healthy pet bird.

Pet bird supplies are just one element of a happy and healthy pet bird. If your pets are happy, they'll be a joy to care for. Many people who have inapproachable birds own birds that are fearful or unwell. By raising your bird from a young age with love and care, you should wind up with a very friendly pet bird that is a joy to be around.

There are three primary elements of care for pet birds:

* Food

* Care

* Interaction


Your pet bird supply should include food that's appropriate for your bird's breed and should include treats as well. Not only does your pet bird need food for sustenance but also he or she can be hand trained by your using food as an incentive to do tricks or even just to be approachable. If you feed your pet bird a favorite treat on a regular basis, he or she will come to get excited when they see you and want to perch on your shoulder or finger.

Fresh water needs to also be continually available for your bird. Special pet supplies to give your bird a fresh supply should be used in favor of a dish in the bottom of the cage that can get full of bird droppings, feathers and seeds. While a little birdbath in the bottom might be a great idea for your bird, this should be separate from the bird's drinking water.


Birds are pretty maintenance free for the most part. If you keep them in a clean environment and provide them with proper food and plenty of clean water, most birds will live long and happy lives. Some parrots will outlive their human keepers.

Looking for pet care products and other resources?

Cages should be cleaned regularly. In fact, people living in a home with a bird can be impacted by poorly cleaned birdcages as well so birdcage cleanliness is vital to the bird and the bird owner. Clean the cage regularly and thoroughly. A bird whose cage is clean will also tend to groom himself or herself more often and be cleaner animals.

There are vitamins and supplements for birds and care books that can tell you about when you might need to see a veterinarian.


If you want a bird that will sing and come to you and perhaps even talk, you need to interact with the bird regularly. Birds that are together with other birds are less likely to talk or come to their owners but are happier because they have company. If you have a bird that is alone in a cage you need to interact with it each and every day otherwise it will be prone to feather plucking out of boredom and this can impact the length of the bird's lifespan.

Play with your pet bird, talk to it, give it a clean home, provide it with the right food and interact with it on a regular basis so you can get the most out of having this type of pet. Having a healthy bird extends beyond pet bird supply but this is definitely a factor in the keeping of a happy and healthy pet bird.

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