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Monthly Specials

CAT SPECIAL! Now your furry feline friend can play all day at a great price! This month, get a new carpet cat post and we will throw in TWO FREE cat feather duster toys, absolutely free!

BUY: Carpet Cat Post with Feathered Toy 17 1/2" ($17.85)
GET FREE: TWO Cattachment Feather Duster Toys ($1.69 appiece)

CAT SPECIAL! Keep your cats coat beautifully groomed and take care of those nasty hair balls all at a great price. Get the Deshedding tool at a super low price and we will throw in The Miracle hairball remedy absolutely free.

BUY: Cat Deshedding Tool 1.75" Purple ($37.50)
GET FREE: Miracle Malt Hairball Remedy - 2oz ($5.97)

BIRD SPECIAL! Get your feathered friend a new swing and we will throw in some treats free. A great price and a great deal!

BUY: Byrdy Cable Swing 1 Ring - Large ($25.91)
GET FREE: Cockatiel Ecotrition Yogurt Dunk Treat ($2.76)

BIRD SPECIAL! Order a Wood Tabletop Parakeet Playpen 15" x 13" and get a free treat for your feathered friend. Great for exercise and fun, it will provide hours of enjoyment.

BUY: Playpen Wood Tabletop Parakeet 15" x 13" ($21.95)
GET FREE: Parrot Ecotrition Yogurt Dunk Treat ($2.76)

DOG SPECIAL! Get this Embossed Bone Dish 8" in Brown and we will send you a 2.5oz bag of Beefy Sticks absolutely free.

BUY: Embossed Bone Dish 8" ($15.72)
GET FREE: Beefy Sticks Multi - pack 2.5 oz ($2.29)

DOG SPECIAL! Giving your best friend a change has never been easier with these great prices and a free gift of treats as an added bonus. Take home NoGrainer Dog Treats - Chicken 5oz, absolutely free.

BUY: Galileo Bone - Souper ($20.56)
GET FREE: No Grainers dot Treats - Chicken - 5 oz ($2.98)

FISH SPECIAL! Get this Berlin Air 90 Skimmer (4dia x 17"h) and we will send you a Whisper 10 Air Pump absolutely free. 

BUY: Berlin Air 90 Skimmer (4dia X 17"h)
GET FREE: Whisper 10 Air Pump

FISH SPECIAL! Giving your fish everything they need as never been easier with these great prices and a free gift as an added bonus. Take home A Maxi Jet 900 Power Head (230gph) absolutely free when you purchase the Aqualight Advanced Hqi Tank Mount Fixture 150 w HQI Halide 20,000k lamp.

BUY: Aqualight Advanced Hqi Tank Mount Fisture 150w Hqi Halide 20,000
GET FREE: Maxi Jet 400 Power Head (106gph)
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